Advanced Pro Hairdressing Diploma

Students are required to complete Level 1 and Level 2 for the Diploma and pass the 4-point tests.


Level 1 Courses: Foundation Pro Hairstyling Course ​

1. Introduction to Hair Styling and Hair Care
   – Overview of the industry and career opportunities.
   – Understanding the importance of proper hair care.

2. Basic Hair Anatomy
   – Structure and composition of hair.
   – Hair growth cycles.
   – Different hair types and textures.

3. Basic Tools and Equipment
   – Introduction to hair-cutting tools (scissors, clippers, trimmers, etc.)
   – Understanding different types of combs and brushes
   – Proper maintenance and sanitation of tools

4. Shampooing and Conditioning
   – Proper techniques for washing and conditioning hair.
   – Choosing the right products for different hair types.
   – Scalp care and massage techniques.

5. Hair Cutting Fundamentals
   – Introduction to basic hair-cutting techniques (e.g., blunt cut, layered cut, graduated cut)
   – Sectioning and parting the hair
   – Understanding face shapes and choosing appropriate haircuts

6. Hair Styling Techniques
   – Blow-drying techniques for different hair lengths and textures.
   – Introduction to various styling tools (brushes, combs, irons, etc.).
   – Creating basic hairstyles (ponytails, braids, buns, etc.).

7. Hair Coloring Basics
   – Introduction to hair coloring products and tools.
   – Understanding color theory and the color wheel.
   – Basic hair coloring techniques (single-process, highlights, lowlights).

8. Client Consultation and Communication
   – Effective communication with clients to understand their needs.
   – Conduct consultations to assess hair condition and desired style.
   – Identifying and addressing client concerns.

9. Salon Etiquette and Professionalism 
   – Professionalism and salon hygiene
   – Elements of Professionalism 
   – Lessons from Great Hair Stylists

Level 1 Certification: Students will be assessed at 2 points to receive the Level 1 certificate:

1 – Written Exam

2 – Practical Test

Hair Stylist

Level 2 Courses: Advanced Pro Hairdressing Course 

​1. Building an Online Presence – Digital Marketing for Hair Stylists 
   – Creating a professional website or portfolio
   – Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO)
   – Creating compelling and engaging content
   – Choosing the right social media platforms for your target audience
   – Creating and optimizing social media profiles
   – Strategies for content creation and posting schedules

2. Content Marketing for Hair Stylists
   – Identifying your target audience and their needs
   – Developing a content marketing strategy
   – Creating valuable and relevant content (blogs, videos, tutorials)

3. Advanced Haircutting Techniques
   – Mastering advanced cutting techniques (layering, texturizing, razor cutting).
   – Creating customized haircuts based on client preferences.
   – Precision cutting and advanced finishing techniques.

4. Advanced Hair Styling
   – Updos and formal hairstyling techniques.
   – Advanced styling with heat tools (curling irons, flat irons, etc.).
   – Creating intricate braided hairstyles and modern hair trends.

5. Advanced Hair Coloring
   – Corrective color techniques to fix hair color mistakes.
   – Balayage and ombre coloring techniques.
   – Fashion color application and creative color placement.

6.  Healthy Hair Treatments
   – Understanding different chemical treatments (perms, relaxers, etc.).
   – Proper application and safety precautions.
   – Performing treatments based on the client’s hair condition and desired outcome.

7. Hair and Scalp Disorders
   – Identifying common hair and scalp conditions.
   – Recommending appropriate treatments and solutions.
   – Dealing with sensitive scalp and damaged hair.

8. Salon Management and Professionalism
   – Client retention strategies and building a loyal customer base.
   – Time management and scheduling appointments.
   – Business ethics, salon etiquette, and professional conduct.

9. Keeping Up with Trends and Continuing Education
   – Researching and staying updated on the latest hair trends.
   – Attending workshops, seminars, and industry events.
   – Continuing education to expand skills and knowledge.

10. Online Reviews and Reputation Management
   – Encouraging client reviews and testimonials
   – Managing online reviews and responding to feedback
   – Strategies for maintaining a positive online reputation

11. Influencer Marketing and Collaborations
   – Identifying relevant influencers in the beauty industry
   – Building relationships with influencers for brand collaborations
   – Leveraging influencer marketing for increased visibility

12. Placement Talk and Preparing for Interviews 
   – Building Your Network (Working with Celebrities)  
   – Getting Internships

Level 2 certification: Students will be assessed at 2 points for the level 2 certificate:

1 – Written Exam

2 – Practical Test

Advanced Pro Hairdressing Diploma

After obtaining a Level 2 certificate, to achieve the diploma, the student will be required to complete the following:

1 – Internship for 3 months

2 – Consultation for 10 Clients

3 – Social Media Account with a minimum of 10 hair-styling videos

We will give a request letter to the student for 3 months internship, and the student will approach the industry directly by herself/himself for the internship.

It is expected that the student will work hard for the course.